Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke warned Monday that free speech is under assault from totalitarians in the US, ironically calling themselves protesters.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, Clarke weighed in on the violence in Chicago last week during anti-Trump rallies.

“Sean, everything is ass-backwards in the country, right now,” Clarke said. “We’re looking at rioting, we’re calling it protesting. The cops are the bad guys, the crooks are the victims now.”

Clarke further warned that there is an organised attack on free speech going on.

“This is a totalitarian movement. It’s very stealth, okay? I know who these people are, I’ve seen it.” the Sheriff said.

“This is a conglomeration of misfits: You have cop-haters, you have anarchists, you have criminals, you have some rowdy juveniles, you have organized labor,” he continued.

“This is an attempt to shut down free speech,” Clark continued, urging that “Everything that’s said when one wants to express themselves has to be put through an approval meter.”

Referring specifically to the riots that prevented a Trump rally from going ahead, Clarke added “These presidential activities are part of our democratic process. The people who showed up in Chicago had every right under the Constitution to participate in this election process and they were denied.”

Clarke is bang on the money. Free speech and the democratic process was shut down in Chicago by a rabble who refuse to tolerate the opinions of those they disagree with, and even undecided voters who do not automatically side with them, as noted by these students:


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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