An Ohio sheriff has a solution to school shootings: arm trained teachers!

Butler Sheriff Richard K. Jones put out a call Sunday offering up to 50 teachers in his county free concealed carry classes.

According to Sheriff Jones, Butler county educators filled his request within 20 minutes.

Despite reaching his limit, the sheriff encouraged teachers to continue emailing and promised to “come up with a plan” to accommodate everyone.

“Thank you good citizens of Butler County for doing the right thing! “

Speaking to WLWT Sunday, the sheriff, dubbed “mini-Trump,” said it was his way of preventing tragedies like the one that unfolded at Parkland, Florida high school last week which left 17 dead.

“We’ve got to do something, and I’m doing it today,” Jones said.

“We’re going to teach them about school shootings, what to do when someone brings a gun to the schools and you at least know how to deal with a gun, how to identify the gun, how many rounds that gun can shoot and what a bullet can do.”

“I think you’re stupid not to know about those things and being what we’re in right now, in our culture, in our country,” the sheriff added.

The sheriff also noted when seconds count, police are minutes away.

“Most of these killings that take place in schools are usually over in three and a half minutes. The police get there in five,” he said.

As noted on Infowars, legislators in various states, including Florida, are proposing amendments which would allow trained teachers to carry concealed firearms on school grounds.



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