Kurt Nimmo
April 20, 2009

An Infowars reader sends the photo here of a Homeland Security “Federal Protective Service Police” vehicle. As a resident of New Mexico — a state virtually owned by the federal government, the Pentagon in particular (the first a-bomb was tested here) — I see these vehicles periodically tooling about.

Federal cops

A Google search pulls up photos of likewise vehicles in other states.

Every time I see these SUVs — so much for “green” government — driving around I am remind that we now have our very own “internal security” force in this country. In Nazi Germany, they called it the Gestapo. Here our rulers like to call it Homeland Security.

As James T. Bennett points out in Homeland Security Scams, “Americans have never used the world ‘homeland’ to describe their country” and the phrase reeks of fascism.

I think they had this in mind when they came up with the name.

Of course, the common excuse is that after the attacks of September 11, 2001, we had no choice but create this leviathan bureaucracy because there are people out there who hate our freedom.


In fact, as Thomas J. DiLorenzo points out, the idea was hatched well before that fateful day. “Our rulers had planned for an Orwellian bureaucracy of that sort years in advance, with the twelve-member Rudman-Hart Commission, originated under Bill Clinton’s administration. 9/11 provided the perfect excuse.”

In a review of Bennett’s book, DiLorenzo writes: “Meanwhile, the already gargantuan ‘internal security’ apparatus of the U.S. government (another phrase that was popular in totalitarian societies) was a complete and total failure on 9/11 because, says Professor Bennett, it had been preoccupied for years with the non-threat of ‘the bogeymen of the 1990s: militias and other right-wing populist groups.’ The so-called militias ‘made a useful hate object for upper-middle-class liberals who wished to feel threatened,’ and the FBI, CIA, BATF, and other federal agencies gladly complied. After all, some of these ‘militiamen’ were alleged tax evaders.”

Not only tax evaders, but now “rightwing extremists” as well, as evinced by recent DHS and FBI documents. Military veterans, state rights advocates, anti-abortion activists, constitutionalists, libertarians, “antigovernment” miscreants, and “groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue” are the new hate objects for liberals who wish to feel threatened.

If remarks made by Keith Olberman, Janeane Garofalo, the bloggers at Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars, and Media Matters are any indication, liberals do indeed feel threatened and the “teabaggers” (in the pornographic sense) are the latest hate objects.

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