Half of Bernie Sanders supporters would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, a Fox News exit poll in West Virginia revealed.

Sanders won W.V. with around 124,000 votes compared to Clinton’s 86,000, meaning that approximately 72% of the votes Clinton received in the primary (half of Sanders) represent the Democrats who would vote Trump.

“Trump’s chances against Clinton may be better than anyone thought,” Fox News admitted.

Clinton also has another problem: enthusiasm. Obama beat her in 2008 thanks to voter enthusiasm, which Trump has captured for his own campaign.

She can’t even generate excitement in her own party; Sanders has all the enthusiasm, and if he doesn’t get the nomination, that enthusiasm will transform into anger against the Democratic National Committee – and more support for Trump.

Bernie voters are already disgusted with how the Democratic Party is rigging the nomination for Clinton even though Sanders continues to win states this late in the race.

Despite their different ideologies – Sanders a socialist and a Trump a Reaganesque nationalist – both candidates are populists who are viewed as outsiders, unlike the Wall St.-financed Clinton.

Why would Bernie voters support the establishment candidate who stole the election from Sanders with the help of big banks?

Simply put, there’s more to like about Trump than Clinton, many Democrats are finding out.

“Time after time she has proved to be a manipulative liar,” said Katie Nimon, a registered Democrat and Bernie supporter who said she’d vote Trump in Nov.

In other words, Bernie supporters want change, which they won’t get with Clinton.

“There’s a lot of Trump support here because a lot of people are like me — sick and tired of the way things are,” another registered Democrat, Donna Pusey, told the Washington Times

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