Around 1,000 illegal immigrants were filmed entering the US through an open border fence in El Paso.

We Build the Wall president Brian Kolfage posted the shocking footage Tuesday, warning that an international water regulatory agency had ordered their newly-constructed 30-foot border gate open in order to facilitate water related affairs between the US and Mexico.

Within 5 minutes up to 1,000 illegal immigrants looking like The Walking Dead cast members are marching inside the US.

On Twitter, Kolfage called out International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) Commissioner Jayne Harkins for leaving the gates “open for illegals to flood our nation!”

But on Wednesday Kolfage posted an update indicating the standoff with the IBWC had been resolved and the wall and gate were back in place again.

“Our border wall & gate are secure again and we still have not had a single breach,” Kolfage wrote on Twitter. “I want to thank the IBWC for acting swiftly and we look forward to working with you on our future projects!”

Kolfage announced last month the completion of the border wall built by his private company We Build the Wall Inc, which began with a crowdfunding effort raising over $23 million.

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