Around 77% of Americans believe the mainstream media pushes fake news, according to a Monmouth University poll which also revealed that a majority of Democrats believe “traditional media outlets report fake news at least occasionally.”

And a large portion of those polled, 42%, say that traditional news media reports fake news on purpose to push an agenda, while 65% believe the term “fake news” also applies to how news outlets make editorial decisions on what to report and what to bury from public scrutiny.

According to Monmouth University:

The belief that major media outlets disseminate fake news at least occasionally has increased among every partisan group over the past year, including Republicans (89% up from 79% in 2017), independents (82% up from 66%), and Democrats (61% up from 43%). In addition to the fact that a clear majority of Democrats now believe that traditional media outlets report fake news at least occasionally, the poll also finds that a majority of Republicans (53%) feel this happens on a regular basis (up from 37% in 2017).

In short, a majority of Democrats no longer trust the accuracy of mainstream news.

It’s worth noting that of the 803 Americans interviewed by pollsters, only 27% were Republicans.  On the other hand, 32% were Democrats and 41% were independents.

Republicans are often minimized in establishment polls, a trend that became glaringly obvious during polling of the 2016 presidential race.

That said, the poll results do hint at a growing disconnect between Democrats and the mainstream media, which sounds unbelievable – except for the fact that corporate media serves the same globalist interests as top-level Democrats who have abandoned working-class Americans in favor of illegal immigrant voters.

That’s because it’s easier for them to mold newly-arrived migrants – who benefitted from globalist “open borders” policies – to accept globalism than it is for blue-collar Democrats who are now losing their jobs due to outsourcing.

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