The 2016 election of Donald Trump was so traumatic for some liberal snowflakes that they’ve reported symptoms of PTSD, according to a study released Monday.

Researchers surveyed students of Arizona State University, and found that 25% of the 769 students studied reported “clinically significant” levels of stress after Trump became president.

The study’s researchers did little to hide their own bias, claiming that Trump’s “divisive tone about race” was responsible for spiking their stress levels.

“Lead researcher Melissa Hagan, an assistant professor of psychology at San Francisco State University, believes the ‘divisive tone’ about race, identity, and what makes a valuable American ‘really heightened stress for a lot of people’.”

Translation: the incessant fake news coverage of President Trump, including the constant assurances that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election, misled many voters into thinking that a racist, misogynist dictator became president with the help of the Russians.

If you believe that, of course you’d be stressed!

Sadly, the media ignores the reality of Trump’s many successes, including record consumer optimism and stock market highs, record job highs and unemployment lows, historic tax cuts and deregulation, the collapse of ISIS, and the confirmations of two well-qualified originalist Justices to the Supreme Court.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has been extensively observed in millennial snowflakes since Trump’s inauguration in 2017, but after almost two years of overwhelming negative media coverage, leftist SJWs have now shown clinical signs that they’ve lost their collective minds.

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