Footage from Portland, Oregon shows far-left terror group Antifa terrorizing and assaulting local residents protesting their mayor.

The woman in the video, Haley Adams, said she was protesting her mayor Ted Wheeler at Portland City Hall on Tuesday for rising living costs and ineffective policies, when Antifa suddenly disrupted the demonstration with violence and threats.

“We were just protesting our mayor because he keeps telling the cops to stand down, rent has been increasing, more and more homeless have been on the streets since he’s become mayor, and he’s not doing anything to help the city – but he’s putting us, like me and other residents, in harm’s way,” Adams told Infowars.

One Antifa thug told her and others to get out of “his” country, she said.

“He was telling us that we’re illegals and we need to get out of their country! I’ve never seen Antifa speak like this before.”

In addition to threats, another Antifa member assaulted Adams and her videographer James Wright, who said at that point other demonstrators reached their limit.

“He went and shoved me with his hands while flipping me off,” she said. “The locals were just like, ‘we’re not having this anymore and we’re fighting against this,’ because we can’t even walk around in our own city without them coming and trying to throw rocks at me or attacking me every time I go down there.”

As we’ve reported, Antifa has effectively become the law enforcement arm of Portland.

For example, the far-left group was seen in October directing traffic and threatening anybody who refused to listen to their directives.

Alex Jones also documented how law enforcement provided cover for anarchist blocs in Seattle, Washington during two summits in 2004 in his documentary, Police State 2: The Takeover.


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