TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA – A man was arrested by El Camino College Campus Police during protests surrounding a 2018 California Gubernatorial debate at the Community College.

What’s controversial about this arrest is the fact that in videos exclusively obtained by New Media Central, the man appears to be doing absolutely nothing but live streaming outside of the venue.

His wearing of patriotic colors leads us to believe he is conservative.

Many are suspecting this was just another example of Police Departments catering to angry far left protesters over fear of being viewed negatively by the press.

Rob Peete, the man arrested on video, appears to be arguing back and forth with a man on camera later identified as “Naui”, a local sanctuary cities advocate. In the shocking video, Naui appears to signal for campus police to arrest Peete, it remains unclear if officers mistook Peete for someone else or if Naui alleged a crime was committed against him.

Here is an angle of the events leading up to the arrest:

Here is an additional angle sent to New Media Central by a witness:

Update: In another interesting twist New Media Central also learned that Peete is a known pro-Trump activist that went viral last year for this speech at a Los Angeles City Council Meeting.

If Peete was a Black Lives Matter Activist arrested for peacefully recording in a public space there would be a media firestorm, but since Peete is Trump supporter the deafening media silence on this is unsurprising.

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