Video purportedly out of a Chinese factory shows a worker using a handful of surgical face masks to wipe his shoes, as nations across the globe struggle to keep up with the coronavirus pandemic.

The disturbing video, reported by Taiwan News, surfaced Monday as China has been accused by many countries of doling out defective pandemic supplies, including defective test kits and shoddy face masks.

Now footage appears to show a factory worker laughing as he takes a handful of face masks evidently meant for coronavirus patients and rubbing his shoes with them.

As reported by Taiwan News, the person who uploaded the footage, an account known by the pseudonym “Henry Chen PhD” which claims to report “Renegade China Journalism,” had been suspended in February for posting footage of the outbreak in Wuhan.

“Chen” reportedly gave more details on the factory footage to Taiwan News:

Chen said that the factory workers first posted it on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok and that the factory is located in the Jiangsu province city of Zhenjiang. In the video, the worker can be heard asking the cameraman in a thick Zhenjiang accent “Is this good enough? Are these the masks for export?”

The vlogger then questioned if it is wise for the West to trust China to do all of its manufacturing. Chen said the original video was wiped from Douyin’s servers by government minders within minutes after being uploaded.

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