In a twisted “teachable moment,” a Trump-hating dad offered a teenage girl $100 to slap the MAGA hat off a nearby Trump supporter’s head in a shopping mall.

While shopping with a teenage girl, presumably his daughter, the man spotted a teenage Trump supporter sitting with friends and began recording.

“See that red hat right there? I will give you $100 if you walk up and knock that hat off,” he told his daughter.

The girl then snuck up behind the Trump supporter and smacked his hat off while the father cackled and continued filming, yelling out, “Fuck Donald Trump!”

The incident is similar to when a grown man was caught on film last month stealing a teenage Trump supporter’s MAGA hat at a Whataburger, which followed Democrat Maxine Waters’ (Calif.) calls to harass Trump officials in public.

However, this video is more alarming in other ways because it shows a father abusing his power as a role model by teaching his daughter it’s acceptable to assault people with whom she disagrees politically.

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