An angry Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) supporter assaulted her opponent Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai while he was protesting outside of Great Barrington Town Hall.

“I will take a punch in the face ANY DAY for America & Free Speech. We will have another ANTI-RACIST Rally against the scumbag #FakeIndian @SenWarren and her White Supremacist THUGS. JOIN US. Declare Your Independence! Stop Race War,” Ayyadurai tweeted Sunday, which included video of the incident.

An older man in a white t-shirt can be seeing approaching Ayyadurai while he’s bullhorning, before shoving the bullhorn into Ayyadurai’s face.

The man is then tackled by bystanders and promptly arrested while fellow Elizabeth Warren supporters jeer at Ayyudurai.

The Indian immigrant and scientist spent the day protesting against Warren’s leftist policies and the hypocrisy of her claims to be Native American.

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