MADISON, Wis. – On the final day of legislative debate over a proposed Right to Work law in Wisconsin, union protesters proved once again they are unable to replicate the massive crowds generated during Wisconsin’s historic 2011 Act 10 debate.

While unions attempted to hold an outside rally during the midday, which mustered about 300 people, the hour long outside rally completely failed to move inside the statehouse and support Wisconsin Assembly Democrats as they debated against the bill. While Assembly Democrats were able to draw debate out to 24 hours by using poetry, claims of racism, and references to Moses delivering the Hebrews from Egyptian bondage, union protesters numbered less than a dozen just 12 hours in.

But even as union protesters floundered in their attempts to draw crowds, Media Trackers was able to catch organizers begging for help, and even caught one organizer from theteachers union backed Wisconsin Jobs Now starting a chant claiming Republicans don’t care if workers die.

The most shocking moment when former Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, Mary Jo Walters, leaned over the balcony railing and berated the protesters.

“We don’t need stupid singing angels! We need armed militants!” she shouted across the capitol rotunda.

Walking away, Walters yelled, “Aw! Goddamn, I hate them!”

Despite both the efforts of protesters and Assembly Democrats, the Right to Work legislation passed 62-35. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is expected to sign the legislation on March 9th.

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