Shocking video shows an African-American mother psychologically abusing her son after finding out he voted for Donald Trump in his school’s mock election.  

The mom makes her son pack a suitcase with all his stuff then leaves him on a street corner by himself as punishment, telling him “bye, Donald Trump lover.”

The poor kid is crying his eyes out the entire time.


It’s not clear the original source, but a repost of the video shared on Facebook has amassed over 1.1 million views in only 9 hours.

“Please somebody call CPS, this is really horrible,” the MichelleObamaFor2020President Facebook page wrote. “This kid just said he wants to vote for Donald Trump.. then this happened !! This is cruelty, You can disagree with Donald J. Trump and his followers on their views, but you have no right to hate them!! please do your share till it reaches The White House and let President Obama and Donald J. Trump see this! your share can help this poor baby..”

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