Video footage out of Kuwait shows a maid hanging from a window before she falls onto a roof in what some are pointing to as an example of how foreign workers are mistreated in Islamic countries.

“Hold me! Hold me!” the woman, who is reportedly Ethiopian, screams in Arabic. She then loses her grip and falls at least seven floors onto a lower roof. At no point does the individual filming the incident make any attempt to help her.

Miraculously, the woman appeared to escape with just a broken arm. A second video shows her being helped by emergency services.

The woman who filmed the incident was reportedly arrested.

The BBC reports that the maid climbed outside because she was suicidal and that the woman recorded the incident “because she did not want to be accused of the maid’s murder if she had died.”

However, Twitter users were quick to assert that the incident highlights the mistreatment of immigrant workers in Muslim countries.

In many Islamic countries, particularly Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, maids are treated like slaves and forced to work in abhorrent conditions.

As Alya Mooro writes, sexual abuse and harassment of domestic workers is commonplace in rich Arab Gulf states because foreign maids are at the mercy of employers who exercise control over their visa terms.

“This often allows the employers to feel like they have complete control over the maid and will not be reprimanded for however they choose to treat them,” explains Balqesa Maalim, a program officer at the International Organization for Migration.

We also featured this video yesterday which showed veiled Muslim women being literally herded by a man with a stick in Saudi Arabia.


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