A suspect was caught on video hitting a man upside the head with a bowling ball on Wednesday, according to reports.

28-year-old victim Damante Williams was briefly put in a medically induced coma after a fight at Town Hall Bowl in Cicero, Illinois.

Video footage shows the moment when the suspect approaches Williams from behind and hits him in the head with the bowling ball. Williams then keels to the floor with his head bowed.

Tamekio Williams, the victim’s mother, told local media the attack occurred after Damante allegedly bumped into someone he didn’t know that night, but still doesn’t know what could have motivated her son’s attacker.

“To my understanding, he didn’t even know these people, so why would you hit somebody with a bowling ball in the head?” Williams said.

“ … Someone came up from behind him when the security guard was holding him and threw a bowling ball and hit his head. Just bring this person to justice.”

As we reported, acts of bizarre and random violence appear to be on the upswing as civilization begins to unravel.

Video out of T’bilisi, Georgia shows the moment a large woman snaps and randomly stabs a three-year-old child in the face as he walks down a sidewalk holding his mother’s hand.

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