A woman in California delivered powerful testimony last week arguing against SB-54, a measure which restricts local and state law enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal immigration officers.

Lupe Moreno of Redding, Cali., addressed the bill before the Senate Appropriations Committee claiming its passage would endanger children throughout the entire state.

“I’m also representing the angel mothers whose children have been slaughtered in our communities, especially cities like Salinas, Cali., and Santa Ana, Cali.”

Moreno went on to cite sections of the US Constitution which tasks the federal government with protecting the states from “invasion.”

Article VI, Section 4 of the United States shall guarantee to every state in the nation a republican form [of government] and shall protect each against invasion and domestic violence,” Moreno stated.

“Our beautiful children have been sacrificed at the altar of elected officials and non-profits as we can see how many non-profits are making money off of our dead children.”

“I have it on good authority, our side wins! Even with all that that you have, our side wins, because you have weeping mothers not only in California but throughout the United States now. It’s not here, it’s everywhere now.”

“Stop trying to blur the difference between illegal and legal. There’s a big difference. We’re Americans – we live the American culture and we have the American spirit. We don’t steal, we don’t lie and we don’t take other people’s things.”

Moreno then pointed out that those deported get to go on living, while many victims of illegal alien violence suffer long-standing trauma, or even death.

Toward the end of her testimony, Moreno revealed why she’s so passionate about the issue.

“I am a victim of illegal immigration. I was molested as a child – as I know that you were Richard,” she says, addressing a board member. “How dare you side with the other side, how dare you. I was pregnant by 14. I had five children by the time I was 22 – by an illegal alien. And I married him. So my city is a ‘Sanctuary city.’ I live in fear, horror and terror.”

“We’re going to plaster our dead children’s pictures all over the state and we’re gonna let them know what government elected officials have let the slaughter of our children happen in California and all these cities. It’s a disgrace, a total disgrace. I ask you to vote ‘no’ on 54.”

SB-54 is currently still making its way through the California state senate.

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