Videos show hazmat teams treating people who have collapsed in the streets as potential victims of the Coronavirus that’s spreading worldwide.

In one video purportedly shot in the Chinese province of Wuhan, first responders in full hazmat suits can be seen dealing with a man laying in a pool of blood, which indicates he hit his head as he collapsed suddenly on the sidewalk.

Another video shows a hazmat team loading another man in the back of an ambulance:

And an additional video shows an overflowing crowd at a hospital ostensibly in Wuhan.

And here’s a video of a man who collapsed in a hospital:

Wuhan, the largest city in central China, was reported as the epicenter of the Coronavirus.

In fact, Wuhan actually has a larger population than New York City and now officials have shut down the train station, the airport, and even roads leading out of the city.

“Chinese authorities Thursday moved to lock down three cities with a combined population of more than 18 million in an unprecedented effort to contain the deadly new virus that has sickened hundreds of people and spread to other parts of the world during the busy Lunar New Year travel period,” AP reported. “The open-ended lockdowns are unmatched in size, embracing more people than New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago put together.”

Brian Wilson breaks down current information regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus which is infecting people worldwide.

Infowars reporter Rob Dew shows the patent number to the Coronavirus which is currently ravishing China.

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