The home page of The Coalition Against Gun Violence displays a flag that states, “The United States Leads The Industrialized World in Gun Deaths,”, with a button below it that says “Act Now.” One would expect that if you clicked the “Act Now” tab, in addition to being able to contribute, you might get some type of story, statement, or statistics that back up that rather bold statement. But what is all too commonplace in the world of sensationalistic anti-Second Amendment organizations is that there is absolutely nothing on their entire website to back up that claim.

Contrast that with a study released by Bill Whittle (shown) of in the YouTube clip below.

According to Whittle’s presentation, the United States has more firearms per capita (90 per 100 residents) than any other country in the world — almost twice as many firearms per 100 people as number-two Serbia (58.2 per 100 residents). This is not shocking information, but the fact that the United States ranks number 111 out of 218 nations in the number of murders per hundred thousand residents should be.

The piece goes on to say that if we removed the gun murder data for the 12 cities in the United States with the highest murder rates, all of which are Democrat Party-controlled cities with highly restrictive gun laws, the United States would drop to number 211 out of 218 countries. Detroit, with a rate of 54.6 murders per one hundred thousand residents, would alone be the number-two murder capital in the world behind Honduras, if Detroit were it’s own sovereign country.

This correlation between gun ownership rates and murder rates certainly backs up the statistics compiled by Dr. John R. Lott, Jr. in his now-famous book on the subject, More Guns, Less Crime.

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