Sign flashed the need to impeach the president
Oct. 15, 2013

Images displayed on an Indiana shopping center’s video billboard featured President Obama sporting an Adolf Hitler mustache, accompanied by a message that read, “Impeach Obama.”

The images, which included a message demanding the restoration of the Glass Steagall legislation, were part of a rotating sequence at one time available for viewing at the Cornerstone Plaza in Kendallville, Indiana.

The controversial messages were sponsored by American political activist Lyndon Larouche’s Political Action Committee, and were “not affiliated with the businesses in Cornerstone Plaza where the sign is located,” according to the sign’s owner.

“Kendallville Mayor Suzanne Handshoe said the sign was inappropriate,” reported the Associated Press. It has since been removed.

The sign’s overall message seemed an honest depiction, given Obama’s unwavering support of unwarranted electronic spying, illegal detentions and arbitrary drone killings, among other impeachable offenses.

In the past, Infowars has documented how several organizations and politicians have rallied for Obama’s impeachment, including Congressman Walter B. Jones who has already filed articles against the president.

Last month, the National Black Republican Association (NBRA) ran an ad in the Washington Times which featured 10 articles detailing why Obama should be impeached, not the least of which were his Justice Department’s involvement in the Operation Fast And Furious gun-walking scandal and his coverup of the Benghazi situation.

Here’s a list of 100 more reasons Obama should face impeachment proceedings.

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