“Insider threat” program part of an immense indoctrination campaign

Adan Salazar
July 10, 2013

Even before the government called for its legion of federal workers to assist in ferreting out potential “insider threats” by having them observe the mannerisms of their fellow employees, the FBI had called for various businesses and vendors – including shopping mall workers – to assist in ferreting out potential “terrorist activity” by having them spy on their customers, in effect enlisting mall employees to be citizen spies for the state.

By Jeff Karpala (originally posted to Flickr as IMG_2001), via Wikimedia Commons
By Jeff Karpala (originally posted to Flickr as IMG_2001), via Wikimedia Commons
In 2007, the FBI, in conjunction with the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, began its Communities Against Terrorism campaign in which they distributed flyers to different public locations outlining what types of behaviors might constitute “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities.”

Included in those documents were suggestions as to what nuances mall vendors may witness shoppers exhibit if said mall goers were to be planning or executing a terrorist plot.

A few of its more insane terrorist identifiers include being on the lookout for: anyone who “significantly alters appearance from visit to visit (shaving beard, changing hair color, style of dress, etc.),” people who are missing hands or fingers, or have “chemical burns, strange odors or bright colored stains on clothing,” or people seen discreetly using cameras, video recorders or “note taking… over an extended period.”

That’s right, if you’re guilty of any of these things, it’s possible you may have unknowingly been flagged as a potential terrorist by a Great American Cookie Company, Orange Julius or JC Penny employee.

Truth be told, the real goal behind the Communities Against Terrorism initiative is not to thwart terrorism. If so, FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. might be the first place one may want to start looking according to the New York Times, who last year wrote that the FBI hatches most of its own terror plots.

As PrisonPlanet.com editor Paul Joseph Watson wrote in his book “Order Out of Chaos,” governments routinely have citizens spy on one another in order to take advantage of the fear inspired by a terror threat, as this is a tried and true method of manipulating a population into waiving its rights for the sake of security.

“The constant (government) threat of terror has turned people into willing informants,” Watson wrote in his 2003 book. “The new definition of patriotism is helping the state in any way you can to stop the terrorists, even if it fundamentally violates the rights of the individual. Even a high-tech dictatorship cannot keep track of all its slaves short of putting them in camps and so the citizens need to be encouraged to spy on each other.”

The fact that shopping malls have, as of late, been so frequently designated as potential terrorist targets has led some to suspect that an American mall may be the staging ground for the next big government false flag attack.

Last year, we reported on how the DHS had partnered up with a few Simon-owned malls to begin promoting its See Something, Say Something snitch campaign.

And just yesterday, we featured a video sent in by a San Antonio mall-goer who said he was disturbed when he saw a TSA agent handling a canine inside of the Ingram Park Mall.

Given that the FBI has expended significant effort in attempting to enlist citizen spies at malls, Internet cafes, hotels and motels, rental properties, storage facilities and various other public locations, it’s not surprising to see the federal government begin telling its own workers to report suspicious actions and be on the lookout for “high-risk persons or behaviors.”

The program’s overall effectiveness in identifying actual terror threats is also minimal at best. According to McClatchy Newspapers, a 2008 National Research Council report on detecting terrorists concluded, “There is no consensus in the relevant scientific community nor on the committee regarding whether any behavioral surveillance or physiological monitoring techniques are ready for use at all.”

In addition to intimidating those who wish to speak out against inter-governmental corruptness and breeding suspicion, distrust, fear and contempt among the general population, Obama’s federal worker spy grid program, along with the FBI’s enlisting of citizen spies, are all part of an immense terrorism indoctrination campaign effort meant to indefinitely prop up the war on terror.

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