The St. Louis County Police Department has confirmed via their Twitter feed that shots were indeed fired at a protest in front of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department shortly following the announcement of a grand jury decision not to indict a police officer for shooting a black teen.

St. Louis County PD is saying that they are now deploying tear gas:

Police are reporting that multiple law enforcement vehicles have been set ablaze and are being vandalized:

St. Louis County PD is also announcing that “Tactical Ops” are “being deployed,” and earlier claimed they were releasing smoke grenades, not tear gas.

Prior to authorities confirming that shots were fired, several reporters out in the field had tweeted about hearing gun shots, including Infowars reporter Joe Biggs.

St. Louis County PD is also reporting that stores in the area are also being looted:

Watch Infowars live stream of the protests in front of Ferguson PD.

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