The left’s racket to indoctrinate young children into the joys of gay sex and transvestitism is to wrap it in terms like “tolerance” and “anti-bullying.” Who could be against anti-bullying? But of course we all know that was is called “anti-bullying” is usually a course of indoctrination on sexual practices involving unconventional body parts.

Given that, I think conservatives should push schools to teach advocacy towards the unborn, businessmen, and gun owners, under the guise of tolerance.

About guns, students could be taught, “The Constitution gives people the right to carry guns. People use guns for hunting, or target shooting, or to protect themselves from criminals. But some people aren’t tolerant of people who want guns. They want to take away guns from people. If you know someone who has a gun, you should be tolerant of them and not support people who take their weapons away from them. For more on this subject, we will go to a shooting range this afternoon where we will practice with small caliber weapons.”

As for businessmen, students could be taught, “Businessmen are the lifeblood of our economy. They provide jobs and livelihoods for millions of people. Without businesses, people would not be able to do basic things like eating or drinking. But the government persecutes business with high taxes, restrictive wage laws, and environmental laws that prevent development. We should be tolerant of businesses in our community and not bully them in this way. Now we will take a field trip to a local restaurant where the owner will show you a list of all the regulations he is forced to comply with and show you how difficult the government makes it to run a business.”

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