Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer suggested that he offered a concession on the border wall to President Donald Trump during their midday White House meeting before Democrats shut down the government’s 2018 budget at midnight.

“In exchange for strong DACA protections, I reluctantly put the border wall on the table for discussion,’ Schumer said on the Senate floor as he tried to blame Trump for the Democrats’ near-unanimous move to block a procedural vote, so preventing the GOP from passing the government budget with 51 votes.

Schumer did not provide any details on his wall offer. For example, Schumer did not say if he promised the Democratic Party’s endorsement for Trump’s $33 billion, 10-year plan for construction and operation of a wall, or if he was just willing to declare his personal support for a few billion dollars for future construction of a wall.

Many Democrats strongly oppose a border wall as a supposed “trophy” for Trump — but also because it is a symbolic distinction between the United States and other countries. Democratic groups and business groups also oppose the wall because it would hinder the northward flow of cheap-labor migrants to Democratic-run low-wage cities on the coasts.

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