On November 21, there was a report in local media that at around 10:30am In the vicinity of Juan Aldama (El Tigre) Navolato, around 10:30 am, a van was discovered torched to complete destruction and inside were two deceased persons.

At the time other than the vehicle being a Chevrolet step up van without license plates, officials said it was unknown how the event occurred or the identification of the victims.

Inside the van was found a grill and canned food, speculation and rumor replaced solid facts and information. It wasn’t until five days later that Mexican authorities pooled facts together and concluded the victims found in the van were most likely Australian natives, Canadian residents Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman, both 33, travelling in Mexico on a surfing trip and to visit friends.

Last heard from the day before the discovery

On the day prior two Edmonton Canada residents who went on a road trip to Mexico to surf and visit friends were last heard from and now are feared missing or worse after family lost contact with them for over a week now.

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