An R&B singer is being accused of “transphobia” after rejecting an unwanted kiss from a transgender woman.

In a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK, American songwriter Ginuwine is repeatedly questioned by self-described female India Willoughby as to whether he would date a transgender woman.

“Would you go out with a transgender?” Willoughby asked.

In response, Ginuwine asserted that while he respects Willoughby’s choice to identify as female, he “would choose not to.”

“You’d go out with a woman but not a transgender woman?” asked Willoughby.

After replying no for a second time, Ginuwine is further criticized for his sexual preference.

“The fact Ginuwine here is happy to go with women, but wouldn’t feel comfortable going with me…” Willoughby began. “If you’re in my situation trying to date, there’s an extremely narrow view. I’ve tried. Guys have chatted me up without knowing my past, but when they find out, they go ‘whoa.'”

Although the U.S. celebrity had made his stance clear, Willoughby proceeded to make sexual advances toward him regardless.

“I’m a woman, so you would date me then. Let’s have a kiss,” Willoughby said while leaning towards Ginuwine.

The singer swiftly moved away from Willoughby, causing the transgender individual to complain further.

“I think all the unspoken things going on there illustrate my case one hundred percent,” Willoughby said.

Incredibly, Ginuwine is now being accused by some of “transphobia” for rejecting the kiss.

Despite sexual assault currently being one of the biggest news topics in the world, it appears some on the political left believe such acts can be permissible if the abuser is a minority.

While several media outlets attempted to frame the incident as a scandal on behalf of Ginuwine, the majority of those commenting online appear to support the singer.

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