March 2, 2013

Peter Gabriel with early Genesis.
Peter Gabriel joined big thinkers and one of the Internet’s founding fathers Friday in launching an “Interspecies Internet” for animals to communicate with us and each other.

“Perhaps the most amazing tool man has created is the Internet,” the famous British singer said.

“What would happen if we could somehow find new interfaces — visual, audio — to allow us to communicate with the remarkable beings we share the planet with?”

His allies in the effort include Vint Cerf, a revered father of the Internet, along with a cognitive psychologist and a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor.

Gabriel showed a video of a jamming session he had with a bonobo playing the keyboard. The bonobo used one finger to improvise a tune that the singer overlaid with his distinctive voice.

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Editor’s note: A recent DARPA-funded ‘mind meld’ study successfully linked the brains of two rats in two separate countries over the Internet, “a precursor to the creation of DARPA’s ultimate goal – a borg army of killer robots which will use their hive mind to hunt down and eliminate human targets,” writes Prison editor Paul Watson.

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