Christina Sarich
Natural Society
September 3, 2013

Perhaps you already know about the numerous health benefits of coconut oil, but were you aware that in as little as one daily serving, the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) or ‘healthy’ fats in coconut oil may start to repair slow neural pathways and improve cognitive functioning and memory? This is true for people of all ages, but especially in senior adults.

Photo: By Shanmugamp7 via Wikimedia Commons
Photo: By Shanmugamp7 via Wikimedia Commons

The connection between coconut oil and Alzheimer’s prevention and even reversal has been made stronger than ever, as evidenced in recent studies like the one published by the journal, Neurobiology of Aging.

Why Eat (Healthful) Fat?

While many people believe they should avoid fat altogether, medium chain fatty acids are vitally important for our health. They help to:

Prevent vitamin deficiency since many vitamins like vitamin D are only found in fatty parts of foods (good, not man-made fats, like hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils which have been tampered with by man) and are therefore called fat-soluble. This means your body can only absorb these vitamins by eating healthful fats.

Good fats can increase the bio-availability of fat-soluble nutrients needed for multiple tasks in a healthfully functioning body.

Good fats support both physical and physiological health in developing children, starting as early as during fetal development.

As we age, medium chain fatty acids can help prevent cognitive laziness and loss of memory.

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