Nutritionist Abby Pell has drawn the ire of social justice warriors after she posted a picture of her toned abs on Instagram alongside the message, “I have a kid, a six pack and no excuse,” prompting accusations of “fat shaming”.

33-year-old fitness competitor Pell posted the image because she “thought it would be funny,” but was subsequently the target of an “uproar,” according to Good Morning America.

Pell was branded “shameless” for posting the image, while another respondent remarked, “This is fat shaming, pure and simple.”

Others expressed support for her message, with one stating, “It’s a sorry state of affairs when someone’s healthy passion is labelled abusive, whilst obesity, junk food marketing and laziness are all on the rise.”

Pell also wrote that she was supposed to appear on a major British TV morning show but had the interview canceled at the last minute because she refused to be portrayed as a “fat shamer”.

The ‘fat acceptance movement’ is the latest bizarre branch of feminism which promotes “body pride,” even for clinically obese people, and attempts to characterize criticism of clearly unhealthy lifestyles as politically incorrect or even a hate crime.

Last month, British television host Katie Hopkins was reported to the police by ‘size acceptance activist’ Kathryn Szrodecki for the “hate crime” of asking why a woman was fat.

Pell’s story mirrors the 2013 controversy surrounding Maria Kang, who was attacked by feminists and ‘fat acceptance activists’ for posting a picture of her toned body alongside her three children with the message, “What’s your excuse?”

Despite obesity costing national economies many times the amount that diseases linked to smoking cost, social justice warriors are attempting to turn much needed criticism of overeating into some kind of offensive slur.

The insanity of third wave feminism lies in the fact that feminists are promoting a lifestyle that is brazenly harmful to women given the myriad of chronic health problems linked to obesity, while calling for critics of that lifestyle to be censored and publicly shamed.

Learn more about the ‘fat acceptance movement’ in the video below.

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