Social justice warriors now want a cartoon police dog to be removed from the children’s series Paw Patrol.

The Twitter movement to ban Chase the Police Dog comes after Paramount Network caved to pressure to cancel the long-running TV series Cops and A&E similarly cancelled its series Live PD.

“The Twitterverse went after the children’s show and claimed that it contributed to portraying the police in an exclusively positive light,” Newsweek stated. “‘Euthanize the police dog,’ a fan wrote. ‘Defund the Paw Patrol,’ another said.”

Paw Patrol, which airs on Nickelodeon, follows a team of six rescue dogs and a boy named Ryder who protect the seaside town of Adventure Bay.

Other viewers pushed back on the calls to remove Chase by pointing out that he’s a cartoon, with one even stating that he “should be the standard for a cop to follow, he’s a good dog.”

In other words, he’s imaginary and thus isn’t constrained by reality, so he can be a role model for what to do when wearing a badge.

For one thing, Chase doesn’t represent the often-criticized militarization of local police. He’s isn’t wearing SWAT gear or driving around in a MRAP first used in Iraq, for example, so the movement to eradicate Chase seems to be more anti-cop than anti-police brutality.

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