Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has threatened to leave the European Union over the uncontrolled flood of illegal immigrants entering his country from the Middle East and Africa.

Illegal immigration crisis destroying neighboring Hungary’s economy.

Fico said the mandatory quota established by the EU is unacceptable, according to Contra Magazin, a German publication.

Central and eastern European states have resisted efforts by the EU to impose mandatory quotas.

Hungary has also promised to leave the union if the quotas are not lifted and the crisis brought under control.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in September if states refuse, they must pay 0.002% of their GDP to the bloc’s common budget, “to finance the efforts undertaken by all other EU countries to cope with the crisis situation.”

Slovakia and three other states have challenged the quota.

“We will go in two directions: first one, we will file a charge at the court in Luxembourg… secondly, we will not implement the (decision) of the interior ministers,” Fico said in September.

“We have been refusing this nonsense from the beginning, and as a sovereign country we have the right to sue,” he added.

Socialists and Democrats in the Slovakian parliament demanded Fico clarify his statements, including a remark the country was “built for Slovaks, not for minorities.”

Gianni Pittella, president of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, said if “Fico doesn’t change his positions, the group will maintain its call to evict him.”

Chancellor Andrea Merkel, who grew up in communist East Germany, has criticized the response of states opposing the EU quota system.

“We eastern Europeans – I’m counting myself as an eastern European – we have seen that isolation doesn’t help,” she said in response of Hungarian, Czech, Slovak and some Baltic leaders.

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