Why have gun owners rejected and boycotted smart guns? Why does Obama want them so badly that he will use your tax money to create them and shove them down your throat?

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which just ended in Las Vegas, a vendor wanted to demonstrate his Smart Gun Lock saying it “Answers President Obama’s Call for a Smart Gun.”

But the CES wouldn’t allow him to bring an unloaded gun into the show, not even an imitation gun — not even for Obama.

There’s an important lesson in that. They don’t really want better tech. In their fear and ignorance they just want to get rid of guns. Obama doesn’t want to make you safe, he wants to take away your liberty to own guns and protect yourself.

Smart guns will add several layers of complexity to firearms (electronics, software and more cumbersome operation) that will make them less reliable, more expensive and more difficult to use. But smart gun technology will also allow government to track and disable firearms.

Perhaps that’s why Obama will spend any amount to create something no one wants.

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