In the UK, a government committee has cast doubt over the validity of the smart meter rollout as a report raises concerns over the cost-benefit to consumers and the ability of the energy market to keep costs down.

The Committee of Public Accounts, appointed by the UK’s House of Commons to oversee national expenditure, issued a report yesterday stating that: “The costs of installing 53 million smart meters will be borne by consumers through their energy bills.

Margaret Hodge, a UK member of parliament and chair of the Committee of Public Accounts, continued: “It will cost around £215 per home or small business over the next 5 years to install the meters – an additional cost people can ill afford.

“Despite consumers footing the bill, they can on average make a saving of only 2 per cent on the average annual bill of £1,328 by the time the roll out is complete.”

Ms Hodge read findings from the committee’s 12th report on preparations for the national smart meter rollout.

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