What do you get when you cross a precision guided rifle with “off the shelf” Android-enabled goggles? Nothing less than the uncanny ability to take a perfect, accurate shot without even looking in the direction of the target. This could very well be the beginning of Android-powered warfare.

The demonstration was made by TrackingPoint, a company that specializes in precision guided firearms or PGF, basically rifles that utilize high-tech components like target tracking, heads-up display (HUD), and such technologies in order to drastically improve the accuracy of a shot. In this scenario, TrackingPoint utilized its XS1, a “smart” rifle that can stream its precision scope’s video to a mobile device. And that mobile device for this stunt is a pair of ski goggles with an Android display in the corner, ala Google glass. The result, which you can see in the video below, is nothing short of astounding. And scary.

Without even looking at the target itself, the sniper can accurately hit a target 500 yards away. The XS1’s scope streams its view to the goggles, as well as environmental details that would help the sniper compensate. Once the target has been lined up, a simple flick of the trigger and boom goes the bottle.

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