Despite the media speculating that Donald Trump’s comments on Muslim immigration would damage his campaign, snap polls conducted in the aftermath of his remarks show substantial support for the policy.

Trump caused controversy earlier this week when he suggested putting a halt to all Muslim immigration until a proper vetting process could be put in place to identify terrorists.

The media reacted with vitriol, framing Trump as a fascist and insisting that he had finally gone too far. However, poll results suggest that the Republican frontrunner has only increased his popularity amongst likely voters.

A Bloomberg Politics poll found that nearly two thirds of likely GOP voters backed the proposal, with more than a third saying it has made them more likely to vote for Trump.

A poll conducted by the Washington Post even found significant support (over a quarter) amongst Democrats for Trump’s policy. The online survey, which canvassed the opinions of Californians in San Diego and Fresno, reveals that more people in those cities “strongly agree” with Trump’s proposal than those who “strongly disagree”.

Another poll conducted by MSNBC found that the vast majority of Americans disagreed that Trump had “gone too far” with his comments, with a huge 96% of African-Americans siding with Trump.

Meanwhile, a new CBS News poll shows, “Thirty-five percent of Republican primary voters support Trump, up 13 points since October, and his highest level of support in CBS News polling.”

Most of the interviews for the poll were conducted before Trump’s comments on Muslim immigration, but the man himself celebrated the new numbers.

These polls again underscore the fact that while the media has heralded his demise over and over again, Trump appears to be invulnerable to smear campaigns, which have only served to bolster his popularity.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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