Comedian Leslie Jones denounced Alabama’s new abortion law while dressed as handmaid from “The Handmaid’s Tale” on “Saturday Night Live,” saying that the legislation represented a “war on women.”

Jones appeared on the NBC show in a handmaid gown before revealing a black shirt that featured the word “MINE” and an arrow pointing downward. She then launched into a fiery monologue about the law, which bans abortion in virtually all instances, including rape and incest.

“This is how it starts,” Jones stated. “I’m out living my life, then I see on the news, a bunch of states are trying to ban abortion, and then tell me what I can and can’t do with my body.”

She continued by joking that “next thing you know, I’m in Starbucks, and they won’t take my credit card because I’m a woman, instead of the regular reason, which is I don’t have no money on it.”

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Serial killers have long revealed their love of murder in many interviews. Alex breaks down how the left treats their indoctrination and poisoning of children with the same cold and murderous spirit of actual serial killers.

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