Doug Stanglin
June 28, 2013

The father of NSA leaker Edward Snowden has told the Justice Department in a letter that he is “reasonably confident” his son would return to the United States if he was assured he would not be jailed before a trial, would not have a gag order and could choose where he would be tried, CNN reported Friday.

The terms were spelled out in a letter from a lawyer representing Edward’s father, Lonnie Snowden, that was dated Thursday and sent to Attorney General Eric Holder, CNN’s news program Amanpour reported.

The attorney, Bruce Fein, said in the letter that the elder Snowden “is reasonably confident that his son would voluntarily return to the United States if there were ironclad assurances that his constitutional rights would be honored, and he were provided a fair opportunity to explain his motivations and actions to an impartial judge and jury…”

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