Following the Clinton camp’s Sunday announcement that the former First Lady will once again run for president, Twitter lit up with jokes about the aspiring candidate’s senior age.

Clinton’s weekend declaration gave way to numerous “ageist” tweets, under the hashtag #HillarySoOld, highlighting the possibility that “Grandma Hillary” may just be too old to fill the Oval Office, including one jest that the former secretary of state is so old she “ran for President of Pangea.”

At present, Clinton – the first First lady to face numerous federal charges and investigations – is just two years younger than the oldest president ever inaugurated, Ronald Reagan, who took office at the age of 69.

Infinitely more important than her age is the fact that the Clintons “think they’re above the law,” as pointed out by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, and would likely continue the executive overreach established by the Obama and Bush administrations.

Besides her latest email and Benghazi scandals, Clinton and her husband have a murky, controversial past filled with questionable investments, presidential pardons and mysterious political deaths.

Recently, republican presidential candidate Rand Paul also highlighted Clinton’s blatant hypocrisy, criticizing the fact that she champions women’s rights while her tax-free foundation continues to accept significant donations from countries with the worst documented women’s rights abuses.

Watch Jon Bowne’s report which only scratches the surface of the numerous controversies Clinton would rather the press ignore.

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