Amazing, really.

Police throughout the nation say they fear a growing anti-cop sentiment driven by a handful of racially-charged incidents is making their jobs more dangerous on the streets, where the number of officers killed in the line of duty is rising sharply.

High-profile cases involving police and black suspects from Missouri to Baltimore have prompted intense criticism of law enforcement, from not only activists but the media and even the White House, leaving law enforcement officers alienated and angry, say cop advocates. And the protests, rioting and federal investigations come even as the job of keeping Americans safe has become more dangerous.

So let me see if I get this right.

Cops have, for decades, embraced this “thin blue line” where they actively abuse certain suspects, harass, detain and arrest people without any sort of probable cause, fabricate evidence (such as having “drop guns” to plant on someone who doesn’t have one or “convenient” narcotics when they can’t find any that the suspect actually has), lie about how they collected evidence (which got a drug case thrown out down here in Florida not long ago), beat non-resisting suspects for grins and giggles, shoot people without legal justification and worst of all, cover up the acts of others in the department that they know damn well are unlawful.

Frank Serpico got disgusted with this crap in NY City and in 1971 his fellow officers refused to back him up on a drug bust because he was rooting out corruption; the result was that he was shot in the face by one of the dealers he was trying to arrest.  Worse, after he was shot the cops refused to call in the fact that one of their own was down; it was a bystander who called for an ambulance!

In other words, this isn’t new.  How about Abner Louima?  After being (falsely!) arrested for an alleged assault he did not commit when he intervened in a bar fight he was beaten and sodomized with a broken-off broom handle by the cops who then lied about his injuries, claiming they were caused by gay sex.  You do remember that case by the “awesome” and “trusted” NYPD, right?

Cruickshank and other law enforcement advocates worry that what they see as an anti-cop climate is killing morale in police departments of every size.



Because it’s about damn time there is a price for this behavior by the police, and it’s been a very long time coming.  Worse, that change is not coming from within; it is only the proliferation of cameras and sound recording among the public that is exposing these abuses along with demolishing the lies told by the police and exposing their cover-ups.

It would be one thing if there had been some sort of voluntary reform but that never seems to happen among those who have arrogated themselves power they don’t actually have, especially when that power is backed up with guns.  No, the wanton and outrageous abuses that have been repeatedly chronicled are neither new or particularly unique; they’ve been going on for decades.

It is often claimed that like any large organization there will always be a “few” who break the rules.  But the difference with the cops is that they invariably cover up for each other, their unions invariably back up those who have committed outrageous and illegal acts and when confronted with their behavior the invariable response is to whine and cry about how dangerous their job is, as if this somehow presents justification for wanton and egregious violations of everyone’s rights up to and including imprisoning under false pretense or even murdering anyone they want.

“It’s demoralizing to read about the misguided anti-cop gibberish spewing from those who take their freedoms for granted,” he added.

Go **** yourself.

I do not take my freedom for granted and I’m willing to defend it myself; it is the cops who insist that I submit under threat of imprisonment to violations of my Second Amendment right to be appropriately prepared at all times and places so I can attempt to do so.  I fear being violated at least as much by rogue police officers as I do by some random thug, and if the cops do it I know damn well that other police officers will either intentionally “forget” what they saw or actively lie to protect the lawless behavior that their “brothers in blue” have committed against me.

That’s the difference, you see — if some thug assaults me he won’t have literally thousands of other thugs lying, planting evidence on me and fabricating claims that have no foundation whatsoever in an attempt to justify his lawless behavior.  No, he’ll act and stand alone and that at least gives me a fighting chance to prevail.

With a thug I face just the thug, or at worst the thug and his couple of friends that he has with him.  With the cops, when they kidnap children as they did with the so-called “free range” parents, seducing said kids to get in their car and then lie to them, or when they arrest a man without cause and then shackle him and cause him to die in the back of their van, or when they falsely arrest a man and then sodomize him with a broom handle those victims of armed criminal activity by the police have to face the entire gang of magical blue costume-wearers nationwide at once.  Every last one of them comes out in support not of the person who had his or her rights violated but rather they support those who did the violating, up to and including lying about what happened, in some cases planting, manufacturing or doctoring evidence in an attempt to excuse that lawless behavior.

“As criminals see the police restrained by new laws, policy and regulations that restrict tactics like “stop and frisk” or “broken windows,” they no longer fear the police and certainty of arrest,” Safir said.

Uh huh.

I am absolutely certain I can prevent virtually all armed criminal violence.  It’s easy really; you simply need to rip up The Constitution so I can search anyone, anywhere, enter homes and business whenever I want, do so with overwhelming force as a band of armed goons with automatic weapons (that “ordinary people” find nearly impossible to acquire and own), dressed in body armor and be prepared to shoot anyone who resists.  To make sure everyone gets the point I’ll actually shoot a few people here and there too; that way nobody will get the idea that I might be bluffing (because I’m not.)  Further, when I “know” someone is a bad guy but can’t prove it I’ll keep a couple of little rocks of meth or a spare gun laying around and stick it in their car or house and then arrest them for having it; after all they were “bad people” and if they didn’t actually have anything illegal at that particular instant they certainly did at some other time and got away with it, so this is all ok — right?

Such a place would be very “safe” from armed criminal violence — but not so much from armed violence perpetrated by myself and my minions!

If you want to live in such a nation then go right ahead — move to North Korea, get the hell out of THIS country and take everyone who promotes or supports that sort of crap with you.

If the cops want to know where this “war” came from they declared it decades ago against the population and they’ve prosecuted that war with impunity replete with lies, assault, battery, forcible sodomy with objects and even murder, including throwing bombs into a baby’s crib.  It is only the presence of myriad cameras and other documentary devices that they cannot control or prevent from being used that has finally brought the scope and frequency of these acts, along with the intentional and outrageous nationwide cover-up and lying that inevitably takes place when one of these incidents occurs to the public eye and plastered it where nobody can ignore it.

The police have destroyed their own credibility and it is through no one else’s fault but their own that it has occurred.  Decades of rampant and outrageous abuses, selective enforcement of laws against certain people, planting and falsifying evidence, lying both in court and out and more are all acts that are “unforced” and a matter of choice.

That the public has finally began realizing that “Officer Friendly” no longer exists and hasn’t for decades, but rather the cops have become an armed gang of thugs and is waking up to the fact that cooperation and respect is no longer a viable strategy is, in my view, fully and fairly earned — a record that stretches back at least fifty years.

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