Contrived selective outrage prevents Americans from unifying against national security state

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
July 18, 2013

The rights and wrongs of the confrontation between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin will continue to be debated, but what has emerged clearly from the relentless coverage of the story is a contrived agenda by the establishment to stir up racial animosity in America in order to undermine everybody’s rights – a form of social engineering that ultimately hurts everybody, no matter what their color or creed.

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One of the fundamental questions surrounding the Zimmerman trial is how the whole country was whipped up into a fervor of selective outrage over one black teenager being killed by a hispanic man, falsely labeled “white” by the media, when the problem of black on black violent crime completely dwarfs any notion that black people are being deliberately targeted by whites.

The likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and even Barack Obama himself all inserted themselves into the Trayvon Martin controversy in order to hype the threat posed by violent hate crimes against blacks, manufacturing a kind of universal white guilt that demanded “justice for Trayvon” not based on the facts of the case, but on emotional manipulation focused around the erroneous presumption that America had declared “open season” on murdering young black men.

In reality, according to Justice Department figures94 per cent of all blacks murdered in America every year are murdered by other black people, despite the fact that black Americans make up just 13 per cent of the US population. That’s 7,000 blacks murdered every year by other black people.

This statistic alone completely demolishes the narrative that the Zimmerman case represented a bellwether illustration of the threat posed to black people by racist hate crimes.

In addition, as black radio host Larry Elder points outhalf of the murders in America are committed by black people, meaning that when old people and minors are taken out of the equation, 3 per cent of the population, predominantly young black men, are committing nearly 50 per cent of the murders in America. This statistic seems somewhat more concerning than the nationwide hand-wringing that has taken place as a result of the actions of a hispanic neighborhood watch captain in killing one black teen.

If people like Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and Obama really cared about black people being murdered, there would be a national conversation about these statistics. Instead, we have witnessed an 18 month obsession with one isolated incident in Florida.

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The primary threat to black people clearly stems from violent gangs and other black people, but this has been completely ignored by the media in favor of ginning up a racial divide that is completely contrived. More blacks are killed by other blacks in Chicago every weekend than the Ku Klux Klan killed over a period of 50 years.

The high murder rate of young black men has virtually nothing to do with the actions of white people, so why was the Zimmerman case hijacked by establishment black leaders and the media in order to insinuate this myth?

If the media wanted to initiate a national conversation about this issue, why did it fail to mention the 1,300 black babies who are killed every day in America through abortion? The simple answer is that the establishment isn’t interested in focusing on anything that cannot be blamed on white people because this doesn’t further their agenda of manufacturing racial division.

Racial Division: Divide and Conquer

Just as the state has sought to play groups off against each other for their own benefit as part of divide and conquer throughout history, black people are also being targeted with aggressive programs of social engineering to keep them dependent on big government.

Ever since infamous social engineers Clarence Gamble and Margaret Sanger wrote about the need to hire black leaders in order to hoodwink blacks into voting for their own eventual “extermination,” black Americans have been the unwitting victims of a sustained program to keep them downtrodden and reliant on the system via government hand outs, cultural cannibalism, and societal manipulation.

To achieve this con trick, the government found it necessary to create a common enemy against which blacks must appear to be defended by the state – racist white people. The Democrat Party, despite being responsible for founding the KKK, then set themselves up as the representatives of black America while behind the scenes scheming to cynically exploit and manipulate them as a voting block through which to undermine constitutional rights like the second amendment.

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The likes of Sharpton and Jackson perpetuate racial division by promulgating the myth that racist white America continues to subjugate black people, when in reality such subjugation comes directly from law enforcement, the state, and an establishment pop culture narrative that encourages black people to act like thuggish hip hop stars.

Meanwhile, true black leaders like Martin Luther King who encourage racial harmony between blacks and whites are murdered by the state.

Social Engineering

It is very appropriate that Trayvon Martin’s Family Attorney told Fox News that her first role was to act as a “social engineer” given that social engineering lay at the core of the entire George Zimmerman controversy.

The Obama administration seized control of the affair from the very beginning with the Justice Department funding pro-Trayvon protests last year in order to create public pressure that led to Zimmerman’s arrest after local police had already satisfied themselves that Zimmerman had acted in self defense and that no charges were necessary.

The ex-Sanford police chief Bill Lee also went public to reveal that the case had been hijacked “in a number of ways” by outside forces and that “he felt pressure from city officials to arrest Zimmerman to placate the public rather than as a matter of justice.”

In one sense, the Zimmerman trial served as an extremely useful distraction from the myriad of scandals that plagued the Obama administration in the weeks before the case came to dominate US television networks. The NSA PRISM controversy, the IRS targeting conservative groups story and the AP hacking probe all virtually disappeared from the headlines as the nation obsessed over every development in a Florida courtroom.

However, once the fix was in and the Obama administration secured its show trial, it didn’t really matter whether Zimmerman was found guilty or not. The political hijacking of the case was about contriving selective outrage and then channeling that outrage into the demonization of the right to self-defense, the right to own guns and the sanctity of juries, while at the same time driving a further wedge between black and white America.

Instead of unifying around the universal liberties enshrined in the constitution and coming together to stand up to an out of control national security state that is spying on all Americans, stealing their financial future and erecting a police state, the Trayvon Martin tragedy allowed Americans to be tricked into buying into the politics of racial division while ignoring their true common enemy.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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