Affinity Magazine, a “social justice” mouthpiece aimed at teenagers, was forced to apologize after it tweeted, “white people age like bananas,” above a picture of Nicki Minaj and the Olsen twins.

“Nicki Minaj is 34 and the Olsen twins are 30. White people age like bananas,” read the tweet.

In resorting to body shaming and racism, the tweet once again emphasized how the left dispenses with its own politically correct rules on a whim.

While in isolation, the tweet might be taken as a lame joke and being offended over it merely aping the behavior of the far left, Affinity has a history of anti-white casual racism.

The website’s previous articles include titles such as, “Actually….Straight, White Men Are the Root of Our Problems,” “Dear White People, Your “Dictionary Definition” of Racism is Wrong,” and “Dear White People, Stop Crying About Reverse Racism, It Doesn’t Exist.”

The final headline is correct – reverse racism doesn’t exist, it’s just racism.

The magazine subsequently deleted its “bananas” tweet and apologized, before claiming, “Our intent was not to mock people who suffer from eating disorders or drug abuse. It was simply to highlight how differently people age.”

This was after they had tweeted, “People of color have more melanocytes in their skin cells. It helps produce more melanin which helps protect from UV rays.”

“White people are more susceptible to UV rays thus the collagen in their skin breaks down faster which cause them to age and wrinkle faster.”

“The point was to show the difference in how people of color vs white people age. Not to make fun of the Olsen twins.”

Yeah, right. Can you imagine if another major magazine had tweeted a negative slur about the appearance of black people? The outrage would be off the charts.

Affinity bills itself as “the first politics and social justice magazine for teenagers.”

In other words, it serves to indoctrinate untold numbers of young impressionable minds with the militant radicalism of ‘Black Lives Matter’ propaganda, feminist hysteria and a myriad of other far-left, fact-free turgid nonsense.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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