Members of the “No Time Off” march protesting police violence in Oakland engaged in vandalism and violence on Christmas.

Windows were smashed and stores looted in Jack London Square. Looters used stolen wine bottles as projectiles and destroyed a Christmas tree.

Protesters also threatened a news crew.

“Nothing says ‘peace on Earth, good will toward men’ like tearing up an innocent Christmas tree and trashing other people’s property. While you were at church, spending time with family, helping those in need, or putting in an honest day’s work yesterday, the anti-cop community organizers in Oakland were busy spreading their holiday poison and destruction,” the staff at Twitchy wrote this morning.

“The social justice mob’s online supporters used the hashtag #NoTimeOff to gloat about causing trouble for police working on the holiday.”

A tweet sent out by Occupy Oakland asked if t he destruction of private property on Christmas was designed to enable the police:

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