Mystery deepens around the case of Sandra Bland, the Illinois woman who headed south to Texas to start a new job and who was found dead in a jail cell earlier this month.

Bland’s police mugshot is circulating on social media, and debate has erupted over whether Bland might actually be dead in the photo, and whether the potentially fabricated image is part of a cover-up for some harm that came her way. The arguments have pulled in a range of people, including the author known as Zane and reality show personality Judith Camille Jackson.

“I am big on looking into people’s eyes and I don’t see any life in hers,” Zane posted on Facebook. “I hope they did not do such a despicable thing as is being implied.”

Tweeted Judith Camille Jackson of the Oxygen Network’s The Bad Girls Club, “My heart goes out to Sandra Bland if she is in fact already dead in her mugshot. We have a serious problem. RIP.”

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