Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro’s troops set U.S.-backed humanitarian aid trucks on fire, and demanded that President Trump abandon involvement in his country’s affairs.

The humanitarian aid trucks, led by interim president Juan Guaido, were set ablaze Saturday trying to enter Venezuela from Colombia.

“We’re not beggars,” Maduro said. “What the U.S. empire is doing with its puppets is an internal provocation. They wanted to generate a great national commotion, but they didn’t achieve it.”

Maduro severed diplomatic ties with Colombia after its president Ivan Duque declared support for the United States’ recognition of Guaido as leader of Venezuela.

Guaido condemned the destruction of the much-needed aid, but assured supporters that humanitarian trucks were still making their way across the Venezuelan border.

“We continue to receive the support of the international community, which has seen, with its own eyes, how the usurping regime violates the Geneva Protocol, where it is clearly said that destroying humanitarian aid is a crime against humanity,” he tweeted.

Trump offered words of encouragement on Twitter Saturday to the Venezuelan people suffering under Maduro’s socialist regime.

National Security Advisor John Bolton also called on nations who still recognize Maduro as president to reconsider their support.

“Masked thugs, civilians killed by live rounds, and the burning of trucks carrying badly-needed food and medicine. This has been Maduro’s response to peaceful efforts to help Venezuelans. Countries that still recognize Maduro should take note of what they are endorsing,” he said.

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