A video produced by the Media Resource Center demonstrates how little college-age Bernie Sanders supporters understand about socialism.

Students interviewed at the University of Colorado seemed genuinely confused about basic economics. For instance, they were unable to grasp the difference between laissez-faire and crony capitalism.

The video also demonstrates the inroad made by the “social justice” crowd—basically, moral outrage directed at the wealthy—on American campuses.

Many of the students seemed incapable of understanding how productive wealth ultimately creates prosperity for society as a whole. They insist on policies of “economic equality,” in other words the transference of wealth by force—usually through taxation—from producers to non-producers.

Few if any of the students seem concerned about property rights and the reality that government confiscation of legitimate, non-criminally acquired wealth is grand larceny.

The students also characterized Obamacare as a socialist policy when it is obviously nothing of the sort.

Millions of Americans remain unaware of the fact Obamacare is a corporatist scheme designed to enrich insurance companies and further monopolize the healthcare industry.

This ignorance is especially pronounced among people who receive a medical “subsidy” from the government, that is to say the recipients of additional income redistribution.

University students brainwashed by Marxist professors and socialist teachers also do not understand the real reason for increasing poverty and the diminishment of the middle class. They are blind to the policies of the Federal Reserve and the financial oligopoly on Wall Street.

During the failed Occupy Wall Street movement—failed because it was destroyed by the state—a few young people understood the real mechanics behind the destruction of America.

For instance:

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