Progressives for Immigration Reform on Thursday shared pictures purportedly from a “major financial institution near Dallas” sent in by “one of the last” American software engineers at the company showing how American workers have mostly “been replaced by H-1Bs brought straight from India.”

U.S. Tech Workers shared another video they said was from a worker at Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas showing a similar situation:

Utah Senator Mike Lee, who is pushing Indian “insourcing” bill S. 386 which would allow hundreds of thousands of Indian tech workers to flood into the U.S. to take tech worker’s jobs and drive down wages, shared this crazy picture last month on Twitter:

Alex Jones presents a video clip from Tucker Carlson’s Fox program where he and his guest, Ned Ryun, discuss how the far-left Democrats are quickly hijacking their own party and ousting moderates in an attempt to take complete, communist control of America.
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As Tucker Carlson noted in August, Lee was an opponent of Big Tech before appearing to be paid off by Google:

Lou Dobbs last week called on President Trump to demand Republicans withdraw Lee’s bill:

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