WASHINGTON, D.C. – Two lawsuits now in progress may win millions of dollars in damages for plaintiffs whose goal is to expose censorship of conservative and libertarian content by social media giants, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Roger Stone Jr. who has threatened to use “one of the best telecommunications lawyers in the country” to bring legal action against Twitter for suspending his account permanently.  Stone was banned by Twitter after posting a series of angry expletive-rich tweets over last weekend in which Stone lashed out at various Hillary-supporting news outlets, including an attack Stone launched on Don Lemon, host of “CNN Tonight.”

The second lawsuit involves conservative radio host and author Dennis Praeger.

Praeger charges Google and its subsidiary YouTube have employed the filter to screen out sexually explicit or violent content to block a series of five-minute videos his “Praeger University” has produced featuring leading experts in the fields of economics, politics, national security, and culture.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Praeger University sued YouTube and its parent company, Google, in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

The lawsuit charges the restrictions placed on its 5-minute video clips threaten Praeger University’s First Amendment free speech rights in an era where YouTube’s “more than 30 million visitors a day make it so fundamental to free speech in the digital era that the website should be treated as a public forum.”

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame tweeted in defense of Roger Stone that “Twitter has suspended @RogerJStoneJr after saying CNN hosts are ‘lying’ [expletive deleted]. However, explicit calls for my and (Snowdon’s) are just fine.”

The political hard-left finds expletive-laden Twitter attacks on President Trump laudable, including tweets that call in extreme language for violence to remove President Trump from office, while charging that Trump should be banned from Twitter because his tweets on North Korea somehow violate Twitter’s rule on violence.

The Gatestone Institute noted that among the Prager University videos restricted by YouTube were six relating to Islam: “What Isis Wants” presented by Tom Joscelyn, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies; “Why Don’t Feminists Fight for Muslim Women,” presented by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institute and Harvard’s Belfer Center; “Islamic Terror: What Muslim Americans Can Do,” presented by Khurram Dara, a Muslim American activist, author and attorney; “Pakistan: Can Sharia and Freedom Coexist?” and “Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?” presented by Haroon Ullah, a foreign policy professor at Georgetown University; and “Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology,” presented by Raymond Ibrahim, author of “The Al Qaeda Reader.”

The Gatestone Institute argued YouTube restricted these six Praeger University videos because the videos represented the views of “counter-jihadists – those working to expose the ideology, goals, tactics, and strategies of Islamic supremacists, and are trying to defeat or at least to deter the Islamic supremacist global agenda.”

Roger Stone has posted on his website, StoneColdTruth.com, a petition urging Twitter to restore his account.

“After a weekend of epic and blunt truth-telling about CNN reporters, the censorship police at Twitter have banned the official Roger Stone account. He exposed their hypocrisy on the Russia collusion hoax, and questioned the intelligence of on-air talent like Don Lemon and the dreadful Ana Navarro,” Stone’s petition reads.

“He said what we were all thinking, courageous enough to hold these scum accountable for their lies about President Trump and the millions of Americans who put him in the White House,” Stone’s petition insists.


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