Kurt Nimmo
April 9, 2010

Stephen C. Webster, writing for Raw Story, cites a Fox News poll that says Americans rate the IRS more favorably than the Tea Party. Obama, Democrats, and Republicans all scored higher than the Tea Party. “The most popular among the names is Barack Obama, who scored a 50 percent approval rating. Second was the Internal Revenue Service, at 49 percent,” writes Webster, citing a Fox News Opinion Dynamics poll.

taxed enough

Never mind these people, most Americans support the IRS and government confiscation of wealth.

Polls are funny. In December, 2009, an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll revealed 41 percent of likely voters had a favorable opinion of the Tea Party movement. That compares to a 35 percent favorable rating for Democrats and 28 percent for the GOP, David Patten wrote for Newsmax.

Highly touted Rasmussen ran a poll a few days ago indicating that on major issues, 48% of voters say that the average Tea Party member is closer to their views than Obama. The Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 44% are aligned with Obama and the tax-and-spend Democrats.

Think Progress, a website aligned with the globalist George Soros, proudly cited a poll conducted by Gallup that claims Americans rate “socialism” more favorably than the Tea Party movement. “The numbers don’t lie,” said John Halpin and Ruy Teixeira, senior fellows and co-directors of the Progressive Studies Program at the Center for American Progress, a think tank created and led by John D. Podesta, the head of Obama’s presidential transition team after the 2008 election and former Clinton chief of staff. In 2006, the Center for American Progress was given a three-year, $3,000,000 grant by George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

(As a side note, it is rather ironic that Think Progress — otherwise known as Think Soros — has accused the Tea Party movement (or the Republican version, anyway) of taking money from corporate lobbyists. As noted here, Think Progress is nothing if not a creature of Soros, the Democrats, and other advocates of big government and unrestrained government theft.)

Soros’ helpers at Think Progress could not contain their glee over the poll. “Fox’s poll finding is particularly humorous considering that a recent conservative attack on health care reform has been to falsely claim that it would lead to the hiring of 16,500 IRS agents to enforce the law.”

The 16,500 IRS agents number is in dispute. The number was cited by Republican members of the House Ways and Means Committee prior to the passage of Obamacare last month. Even if you think members of the House Ways and Means Committee were employing scare tactics to defeat Obamacare, the fact remains that the legislation increases the power of the IRS to harass and intimidate Americans who do not want to participate in the unconstitutional and unprecedented scheme. Think Soros only offers a number game. It does not dispute (or can it) the fact the IRS will be employed as a muscle man to collect billions of dollars from hapless victims.

“The legislation would require most Americans to have health insurance and to prove it on their federal tax returns. Those who don’t would pay a penalty to the IRS,” USA Today reported. “The CBO estimated the IRS would need $5 billion to $10 billion in the first decade to cover the costs of its expanded role.” It stands to reason that in order to enforce Obamacare, in addition to more money the IRS will require a batch of new employees.

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If we are to believe the Fox News Opinion Dynamics poll, a large number of Americans are in favor of the IRS and the confiscatory tax policy of the government. Nearly half of those polled apparently do not have a problem with stealing money from one segment of the population and giving it to another undeserving segment.

“Though virtually all lower and middle class Americans received a tax cut by President Obama, 90 percent of tea party respondents to a February CBS poll were oblivious to this fact,” writes Webster.

Think Soros and Mr. Webster neglect to mention the fact Obama and crew are working to impose a staggering array of new taxes on all Americans, regardless of class (and class warfare rhetoric). Earlier this week former Federal Reserve boss Paul Volcker said a value added tax will be needed to pay off the national debt (never mind the debt owed to bankers will never be paid off — if all money owned by all American banks, businesses and individuals was gathered up today and sent to the U.S. government, there would not be enough to pay off the U.S. national debt). It is simply a ruse to steal more money.

Americans for Tax Reform document exactly how Obamacare will impose numerous new taxes on the American people, middle class and poor alike. No mention of this unavoidable reality from the Think Soros crowd.

“Under the new law, everyone everyone will have to buy government-defined medical coverage or have it bought for him by his employer, reducing cash wages. Thus, anyone who would not have bought insurance or would have bought a less-expensive policy will pay an implicit tax,” writes Sheldon Richman for Campaign Liberty. “ObamaCare is a massive tax increase on the middle class.”

Obama and the Democrats love cooking up ways to steal money from productive Americans. There is no end to their absurd and criminal plans to take your money.

For instance, a Democrat proposed “social justice” scheme for the internet is a taxation plan. “The massive national broadband plan the Federal Communications Commission released last month proposes creating a national framework for the taxation of digital goods and services and imposing a fee to establish and maintain a national public safety wireless broadband network,” the Associated Press reported on April 6.

Finally, according to a CBS poll, most Americans are not enamored with Sarah Palin, the former Alaskan governor Fox News and the Republicans have appointed as leader of the Tea Party movement, or at least the GOP hijacked version of the Tea Party movement. Palin recently gave pep talks at John McCain re-election rallies and charges an astounding $100,000 per appearance to hear her speak (and not very well).

During the mid-terms elections coming up and the presidential election of 2012, we will hopefully discover just how irrelevant Sarah Palin and the Republicans are. Think Soros and its fellow travelers may cite polls to convince us that we prefer the IRS over the Tea Party, but the fact remains that an increasing number of Americans are fed up with business as usual in the district of criminals and will vote for change.

And not fake change offered by a candidate that has continued the Bush legacy of mass murder in far away lands and has packed his administration with Wall Street insiders and retreaded Clinton bureaucrats.

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