Kurt Nimmo
September 14, 2010

Democrats hope to exploit teenage celebrity Justin Bieber’s Twitter fan base. Photo: Daniel Ogren.

Soros and crew want to get out the vote at all cost, even if they have to exploit kids.

In order to motivate languid Democrats who were so effortlessly betrayed by the globalist teleprompter reader Barry Obama, former Clinton speechwriter David Halperin’s Campus Progress is targeting kids too young to vote.

“The organization is highlighting a submission to its VoteAgain2010 video contest that argues that while [Justin] Bieber can’t vote in our midterms (he’s both too young and too Canadian), shouldn’t you?” writes Patrick Gavin for Politico.

Sara Haile-Mariam of Campus Progress said the idea is to use teen heartthrob Bieber to inspire the youth of America to tell their parents, grandparents and Facebook friends to vote Democrat this coming November. See the video below.

Haile-Mariam told Politico it is her hope Bieber will give some “link love” to the Soros project via his Twitter page and his more than 5 million followers.

Campus Progress is part of John Podesta’s Center for American Progress, a project funded by the globalist George Soros. CAP receives undisclosed sums of money from corporate donors.

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Before telling their parents to vote for Democrats in November (and presumably Barry in 2012), the kids should know something about CAP — it is a “strong advocate” for an escalation of mass murder in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Along with the Soros-funded MoveOn and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, Podesta’s CAP issued “Sustainable Security in Afghanistan,” a report distributed during the “A New Way Forward in Afghanistan” event in 2009.

Obama, Podesta, Soros, and establishment Democrats put the final coffin nail in the silly idea that the Democratic Party is the anti-war party, an idea put on life support during Obama’s campaign and subsequently suffocated soon after he became the ruling elite’s official teleprompter reader.

CAP used the liberal operative Tara McGuinness, who worked on John Kerry’s presidential campaign and is described as a major player in the anti-war movement during the Bush years, to sell its agenda. CAP is not opposed to illegal wars and war crimes. It is merely opposed to the Republican side of the establishment running the war agenda.

The Twitter crowd should realize that the health of the state is perpetual war and Democrats and Republicans will demand their sacrifice if Iran — or Pakistan, Syria, Yemen — is attacked and the Middle East and Central Asia explode.

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Instead of telling their parents and Facebook friends to vote for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, they need to tell them to vote for candidates opposed to foreign wars.

Soros’ elves call this video “Vote Again 2010: Do it for Bieber!” It should be called “Get Chumped Again 2010.”

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