White House front group Media Matters labeled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly a racist anti-semite after he criticized billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who incidentally provides funding and support for the leftist organization.

Yesterday, the progressive media watchdog accused O’Reilly of employing “Anti-semitic Tropes” when he said that Soros, who he called a “shadow puppet master,” had “his tentacles into political organizations.”

“Soros has now taken his ill-gotten gains and is financing the most radical left-wing organizations in America,” the host said on the March 18 episode of The O’Reilly Factor, adding that the Hungarian-born investor “is behind much of the political strife in this country.”

“He is the shadow puppet master behind corrupt far-left groups like Media Matters,” O’Reilly said.

“Soros has his tentacles into political organizations like the Center for American Progress, which has provided operatives for the Obama administration, some of whom are now going over to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Few Americans even know who Soros is, but the 84-year old uber-leftist is behind much of the political strife in this country.”

Media Matters asserts that O’Reilly’s use of the term “puppet master,” a broad, innocuous expression, was an “anti-Semitic [stereotype] that [goes] back decades.” However, despite the negative connotations the phrase aptly describes Soros.

The philanthropist has been known to pump funds from his various front groups to finance everything from political coups to mass uprisings to supposedly grassroots activist movements.

Soros admitted on CNN last year, for instance, that a non-governmental organization he had set up in Ukraine prior to its conflict with Russia had “played an important part” in the events that destabilized the region.

Soros and his International Crisis Group also played a role in the propaganda campaign which sought to galvanize public support behind the US military’s invasion of Africa.

The same group authored the Responsibility to Protect, “the military doctrine used by Obama to justify the U.S.-led NATO campaign in Libya,” according to World Net Daily researcher Aaron Klein.

And earlier this year we learned Soros’ Open Society Foundations, a group he chairs, contributed at least $33 million towards emboldening activists in Ferguson, Missouri, helping make the flawed “Hands up, don’t shoot” mantra ubiquitous.


The way Soros uses his money and his various groups’ influence to sow discord and manipulate political climates is similar to – yes – the way a puppeteer, otherwise known as a “puppet master,” controls a marionette.

Media Matters also took issue with O’Reilly’s use of the word “tentacles,” which they insist has to be representative of “overtly anti-Semitic imagery” and definitely not another properly-applied metaphor.

Of course, the media outlet didn’t try to refute any of O’Reilly’s allegations, including the fact that Soros is one of the organization’s biggest financiers.

It’s no surprise Media Matters moved to protect the hand that feeds it. The group, whose admitted objective – along with others – is to destroy alternative media, is deeply entrenched within leftist politics and the Democrat establishment, with several of its operatives meeting with White House officials on multiple occasions.

Although O’Reilly himself has been known to toe the establishment line and push neocon talking points, the fact that Media Matters is claiming he is racist simply for calling out the man behind their curtain is patently ludicrous.

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